Cruising the Rhine River with Emerald Cruises

Marissa Malley, Travel Conceirge

I recently returned from a 7-day adventure sailing along the Rhine River from Basel, Switzerland, to Mainz, Germany, with Emerald Cruises, and I wanted to share my experience.

Day 1: Embarking in Basel, Switzerland

My friend and I boarded the Emerald Dawn in the afternoon where it was docked at the Dreiländereck passenger ship terminal after independently exploring Basel. Check-in was a breeze. But I would definitely recommend taking advantage of the transfers offered by Emerald to take you directly to the terminal from the airport or train station because it was a little tricky getting there by public transportation in Basel.

Days 2 and 3: Colmar and Strasbourg, Alsace, France

A malfunctioning river lock put us behind schedule our first full day, so we arrived late in Colmar, leading to the bike tour of Colmar having to be canceled. But we still had the chance to enjoy some sightseeing on the guided walking tour.

It was like stepping back in time in these two Alsatian towns with worn cobblestone streets and beautiful half-timbered buildings. You can feel the blend of German and French influences in this region that changed hands between the two countries at various points in history. Colmar is a charming little medieval town while Strasbourg is a large city that’s now home to the European Parliament.

A leisurely boat ride on the Ill River and its canals followed the guided walking tour of Strasbourg. On both days we had some free time to explore without the tour guide.

I had a bretzel (the local German-influenced word for “pretzel”) in both Colmar and Strasbourg because I can’t resist a soft pretzel, and they were available in almost every bakery. Both my friend and I bought little handmade bretzel earrings in a Strasbourg souvenir shop.

Fun fact! Strasbourg’s Grande-Île city center was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988.

Day 4: Baden-Baden, Germany

We docked in Rastatt and headed to Baden-Baden, a spa town close to the Black Forest. We had a guided walking tour of the city that included a visit to the Baden-Baden Casino, and we had a chance to see but not visit the Friedrichsbad spa and the excavated ruins of Roman baths. I tried some absolutely delicious Black Forest cake at a cute little bakery during our free city exploration time. The more adventurous from the ship hiked up to the Old Castle on the EmeraldACTIVE excursion.

Fun fact! Baden-Baden became part of the Great Spa Towns of Europe UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2021.

Day 5: Heidelberg, Germany

Heidelberg is another charming German town. Our guided tour started at Heidelberg Castle, where we had the opportunity to try two wines and see the famous Heidelberg Tun, a giant wine barrel that can hold almost 60,000 gallons of wine. Afterward, we then went down to the city to continue the walking tour through the Baroque city center, followed by a little free time on our own.

That night after dinner Nina and Tine, our Cruise Director and Activities Director, hosted Disco Night, a fun event filled with dancing and ’70s music.

Fun fact! Heidelberg is home to Heidelberg University, the oldest university in Germany, which was founded in 1386.

Day 6: Koblenz, Germany

I decided to be more adventurous and go on the EmeraldACTIVE bike tour instead of going on the guided walking tour of the city while we were in Koblenz. We biked almost eight miles along the Rhine and still had time after lunch to use the included tickets to take the funicular up to the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress that overlooks the Deutsches Eck (“German Corner”) at the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle. Overall, if you’re able to do it, it’s an experience I would highly recommend.

That night was the captain’s farewell reception and dinner. The dinner was delicious. During the dessert course, the whole crew came out to be recognized by name to great applause from us guests for their hard work. It was a very touching experience.

We stayed overnight in Koblenz, so after dinner, we had the opportunity to check out a beer festival that was going on that weekend mere yards away from where the ship was docked. It was an unexpected delight to be able to experience the fun atmosphere of a summer beer festival in Germany.

Fun fact: Koblenz was founded as a Roman military post in 8 BC. Its name comes from the Latin (ad) cōnfluentēs, which means “(at the) confluence.”

Day 7: Rüdesheim and Scenic Cruising through the Rhine Gorge to Mainz

We left Koblenz the next day and spent the morning cruising to Rüdesheim through the Rhine Gorge. Nina the Cruise Director narrated the cruise, pointing out points of interest on both banks of the river and regaling us with the legend of the Lorelei, a 433-ft tall rock face. We were able to follow along with the maps in the informational booklets that were provided in our rooms, which was helpful because there were dozens of small castles and vineyards dotted the hilly landscape on both sides of the river.

We arrived in Rüdesheim after lunch. We boarded the Rüdesheimer Winzerexpress, an adorable little tourist sightseeing “train,” and arrived at Siegfried’s Mechanical Music Cabinet Museum, which houses one of the biggest collections of mechanical music boxes, and then had free time in the city.

Some of us went to RheinWeinWelt, a wine lounge where you buy tokens to use in self-serve wine dispensing machines. There were dozens of local wines to choose from. The tokens were €1 each and got you a small swig of wine to taste.

I took the opportunity to try a Rüdesheimer kaffee, the local coffee specialty made with flambéed Asbach Uralt brandy and topped with whipped cream. It was delicious but potent! Be warned if you give it a try!

We left Rüdesheim late afternoon and arrived in Mainz later that evening. The west bank of the Rhine near where the ship was docked was full of locals drinking and having fun in the park while enjoying the last bit of daylight as the sun slowly set. It was a tranquil final evening in Germany.

Fun fact: The Rhine Gorge, also known as the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002.

Day 8: Disembarking in Mainz and Heading Home

That morning we had our last breakfast together and said our farewells. The night before we received our color-coded luggage tags that corresponded to our scheduled departure times to the airport. We left our luggage outside our rooms, and they were brought out by the hard-working crew. Even the head chef helped unload suitcases that morning. We were whisked away to the airport in Frankfurt by private vans with plenty of time to check in and go through security before our return flights. Nina did an amazing job scheduling and organizing the airport transfers, making it an easy and seamless process for all of us.

When I arrived home, I already wanted to go back! I can’t wait to go on another river cruise with Emerald because I had such a wonderful time!

Miscellaneous Thoughts and Observations

Environmentally conscious travelers will appreciate the reusable metal tumblers, onboard water dispensers offering a choice of chilled still and sparkling water, and the large glass bottle of water delivered daily to the room.

The entire crew was top-notch, from the room attendants to the servers in the Reflections restaurant to Nina the Cruise Director and Tine the Activities Director. They all worked together to make the week such a special experience for everyone on board.

It was nice having a choice of red or white wine at lunch and dinner and unlimited coffees and water all day from the machines. Guests who want more options throughout the day would benefit from one of the three additional drink packages on offer.


Hot Springs of Wellness Travel

By Amanda Vallone

After a year and a half of hearing about surges, variants, illnesses, quarantines, breakouts, shutdowns, and the ongoing negativity spewing from the media, travelers are looking for ways to cleanse their spirit, soul, and body while traveling safely, now more than ever. And if you’re one of them, there are some amazing options for you.

Over the last several years we’ve planned wellness trips like hiking the Inca Trail in Machu Picchu, walking the Camino Trail, biking throughout the UK, visiting an Ashram in India, and hiking Kilimanjaro in East Africa—just to name a few.

But for a destination that’s a little closer to home and easier to travel to with all the current Covid protocols, we’d highly recommend…

Costa Rica!

Pura Vida (Pure Life) is Costa Rica’s tagline, welcome statement, and all-around way of life. Costa Rica is a paradise for those who’re looking for something different, and a visit there provides something for everyone.  

But for travelers looking for the ideal place to improve their mental and physical well-being, explore the beauties of nature, and return relaxed and rejuvenated…Costa Rica should be your next travel destination.

Become one with nature during activities like trekking, forest baths, natural hot springs, and earthing (barefoot walks to connect with the earth). Or get even more wild with plenty of exhilarating activities like surfing, scuba diving, or white water rafting in the greenest habitat while surrounded by exotic wildlife.

It’s important to pick the resorts and properties that are perfectly placed for the experiences you’re looking for. There are yoga retreats in the rainforest, surfing and sea turtle hatching on the beach, hot springs haciendas at the volcano, and several other types of properties that provide an incredible experience for wellness travelers to be able to truly absorb the backdrop and become one with it.   

Hot Tip: Spa experiences like body wraps from volcanic mud, coffee scrubs, tropical fruit treatments, and hydrotherapy really upgrade any trip to Costa Rica, but especially wellness retreats.

These various wellness features, alongside deliciously healthy foods have helped create one of the world’s “blue zones,” known as a longevity area where a typical lifespan of Costa Ricans is 90 years young and is directly attributed to the calcium-rich waters, healthy living and eating, and Pura Vida lifestyle.

All these amazing experiences and we haven’t even talked about the incredible wildlife! 

How do you go? Our team at Roseborough Travel would be more than happy to help you plan the trip of your dreams to Costa Rica or anywhere else in the world. We stay up to date on Covid requirements, like whether you need to be vaccinated, quarantine, or need a test to get into the destination. We help our travelers navigate this new way of travel and life and make it easier than trying to figure it out on your own. Our 50 years of expertise in this industry are proof to our knowledge and ability to plan the most amazing trip for you.

‘Tis the Season… To Be Enchanted ✨

By Amanda Vallone

Imagine this: there’s a chill in the air and you’re holding a mug of hot mulled wine or cider to keep you warm. The architecture around you is hundreds upon hundreds of years old, and you’re in the middle of this gorgeous holiday event that’s so modern and yet so nostalgic. The toys and gifts you can purchase aren’t shipped in. Rather, they’re handmade, wood cut, blown glass, or expertly crafted from the individual selling it to you. The smells of raclette (melted cheese) on brioche and the slightly sweetened apple strudel surround you. Everything around you flows with joy, history, and beauty. You’re in a European Christmas Market.

In 2019, I had the pleasure of leading a group of travelers on a Rhine River Christmas Markets Cruise (Netherlands, Germany, France, and Switzerland). During the day, we enjoyed learning about the history, architecture, and beliefs of each destination we visited. But at night, we enjoyed walking around the Christmas Markets, drinking our mulled wine, snacking on the local delicacies, and shopping.

One of my favorite stops was Cologne, Germany (Koln), where we toured A UNESCO World Heritage site and the most recognizable landmark in much of Germany – the Cologne Cathedral. Hearing the Cathedral’s story during Christmas time really set the tone for the rest of the trip.

After discovering the beauty of the cathedral, right outside its main doors were a massive Christmas Market—The Grand Cathedral Market, the largest and arguably the most spectacular of the markets. There were nearly 150 wooden pavilions selling crafts and handmade wares of every kind. The center of the market holds Rhineland’s largest tree, estimated at 50 feet tall. Under the 70,000 lights of this sparkling tree, a band played beautiful music for everyone to enjoy. This memory sticks in my brain as one of the best and most beautiful Christmas Markets of my life.

But wait—it was only the first market of the night.

We visited two others that evening, starting with the Market of Angels at Neumarkt—the oldest Christmas Market in Cologne. It was decorated with white lights and beautiful Angels dressed in white all around. The booths in this market were also all festively decorated with lights and holly. Santa himself even made a visit on horseback for all to see Papa Noel.

Later, the Fabled Old Market gave us a holiday-themed glimpse into the folklore of Cologne. Once upon a time, house gnomes were to have secretly done all the daily work for the people of Cologne. But one day a curious wife tried to see the gnomes. It scared them away to never come back, but in an attempt to have them return, an annual Christmas Market is held in their honor. Gnomes lurk in every nook, cranny, and sign, including the mugs for your glühwein and the rides for children.

We often have people ask for trips to take a multigenerational family getaway, and the Christmas Markets are our favorite holiday recommendation. Anyone can go to a cabin or a resort, but there’s something magical about spending the holidays in Europe visiting Christmas markets with your friends and family. Everyone can go out and adventure in the way that best suits them during the day—from bicycle tours and hikes to gentle walking tours to wine tasting and pretzel making. Then everyone meets back up for dinner and to visit the Christmas Markets in the evening. It’s the perfect magical getaway.

We have a group visiting the Canadian Markets this holiday season, and I’ll be bringing another group down the Danube River in 2022 to visit more of these spectacular European markets. If you’d like to join us and make some magical Christmas memories of your own, give me a call.

Beaches Turks and Caicos

Traveling During the Pandemic

One of our Outside Advisors, Theresa Olivetto, recently took a trip to Beaches Turks and Caicos. Below is her account of everything she saw and did. Check out her Facebook page for more!

What It’s Like at Beaches Turks and Caicos

What did I love about Beaches? … What didn’t I love about Beaches?!

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Beaches Turks and Caicos, and it was just what I needed.

My favorite things… it’s just so hard to pick!

The 12 mile beach….pristine, breath-taking, clear turquoise water, white sand.  We started our day every day on that beach with a long, relaxing walk. I loved it.

The food—21 gourmet restaurants. That already says it all, but I live/love to eat. There was so much good food, but my favorites, not necessarily in this order, were:
• Soy, Kimonos
• The Jerk Shack
• Sky Lounge

The 10 pools were perfect for relaxing and enjoying the great weather and absolutely wonderful, especially the swim up bars!!  Socializing, making friends, sharing stories with other guests—just what I love in my vacation.

The Drink of the Day: “Just Another Day in Paradise” – Absolutely delicious, was my favorite drink of the entire trip.

The 45,000 square foot water park… Beaches is made for families with kids, but we’re absolutely kids at heart. We spent part of the day there every single day.  We had so much fun taking videos going down the slides and doing the surf simulator.  It was AMAZING! Whether you’re like us, or if you’re growing up with your children, you will LOVE this.   

The Hobie Cats. You know, those small sailing catamarans? We took our first lesson and then took our first unsupervised Hobie Cat ride on this trip. I will never forget that day. The warm summer breeze and the sense of adventure…..

The chairs and cabanas at the beach were priceless.  

5 villages. Stay at one, play at 5. You can do nothing or everything, whatever you want.

And the weather? Absolutely perfect weather.

The entertainment at night.  Perfect way to end a perfect day!!  I wish that my Beaches vacation could last forever, and I absolutely cannot wait to book my next trip!!

Traveling During the Pandemic

Although I was anxious about traveling internationally due to COVID, our experience going to Beaches Turks and Caicos could not have gone any smoother.

We got our PCR COVID test on the Saturday before our trip, 3 days prior to departure. It was free, and we got our results 24 hours after the test was done, as promised. We then uploaded our results on the TCI Travel Authorization.

At the Miami International Airport we were required to show our COVID results along with our passports at the ticket counter. Online check in was unavailable as they needed to see our negative COVID tests.

When we got off the plane and went through customs in Turks and Caicos, we had to show our COVID results again, along with our passports, to enter the country.

After getting through customs, we were  picked up, put on our shuttle bus (4 people only) and whisked away to our dream vacation.

Upon arrival at Beaches, we were immediately shown to our room, and they told us that our free onsite COVID test was scheduled for 4:45 the day before our departure.

While at the resort, although masks were not “mandatory” for guests, everyone was courteous and wore masks at all indoor shops, bars and restaurants. And the staff all wore masks AT ALL TIMES.  They also had hand sanitizer available everywhere, and we were constantly encouraged/asked to use it. I LOVED this. 

When guests left a table at a restaurant, the table was cleaned immediately and thoroughly. 

The day before departure, we went to the nurses office and got our rapid COVID test. The nurses were AMAZING!! The test was quick and painless. We had our results in 10 minutes, both verbally and through email.

The day of departure we went to the front desk and got our results printed out. We then took the shuttle to the airport where we showed our passports along with our COVID test paperwork at the ticket counter, and everyone was friendly and accommodating. 

We were then on our journey home and honestly, I have not felt that good since everything started. I was COVID-free. All the people at the resort were COVID-free. All the people on that plane were COVID-free.

While traveling during the pandemic is a bit more involved, I’ve done it, and I can help you do it, too. If you’re ready and comfortable with traveling, I can help you do just that. Contact me today, and I’ll help you plan your dream vacation!

Theresa Olivetto

Roseborough Travel’s First Time Cruiser’s Guide

Some of the most frequent questions, and also some of the most frequent complaints, we get come from first-time cruisers. It’s because if someone has never been on a cruise before, they have no idea what to ask or what to expect from their first cruise. You don’t know what you don’t know, right?

If you’ve never been on a cruise before, you probably have this image in your head of what it will be like. But does your idea of cruising and the reality come close? Maybe it does, but then again, maybe it doesn’t.

Cruising for the first time can be a little daunting. But there’s no need to worry—we’re here for you.

Everything you need to know about cruising can be found below. Or if you’d prefer, you can view this guide on our website.



Cruise Ports in Florida

(distances from DeLand, FL)

  • Port Canaveral – About 75 minutes South via I-95 – near Cocoa Beach
  • Ft. Lauderdale – About 4 hours South via I-95
  • Miami – About 4.5 hours South via I-95
  • Tampa – About 2.5 hours West via I-4


Documents Needed to Travel by Cruise

If you are traveling round-trip from a U.S. Port (i.e. leaving from and returning to Port Canaveral), you can sail with a certified U.S. Birth Certificate and photo ID (under 16 does not require photo ID). This must be an original birth certificate with a raised seal, not a copy or hospital certificate. If your current name is different than the one on your birth certificate and/or photo ID, you will also need the documentation for the name change (i.e. marriage license).

If a minor is traveling without their parents, they’ll need a notarized letter stating they can travel with the traveling party.

Otherwise, your cruise will require you to have a passport. Some exceptions on round-trip U.S. cruises may also require you to have a passport. Please ask your travel agent if you’re unsure about your itinerary’s requirements.


Our Cruising Tips

The urge to over-pack is strong in many, and sometimes you just don’t know where to start with planning for your cruise. Our agents have all been there and done that, however, and know what’s really important.

Here are some of their best tips for your upcoming cruise:

“Pack some towel clips! Don’t let your beach towel blow away when catching rays on the pool deck. And you don’t need to pack a towel for the beach/pool; they take up a lot of room in your luggage and the cruise line lets you use theirs!” – Amanda Vallone

“Luggage… My recommendation is to unpack as soon as you get your luggage, then put your suitcases either in your closet or under the bed if it fits. I have one of those hard suitcases—I open it and slide it under the bed to use as a dirty laundry bin or as an extra drawer for t-shirts, sock and such. This way the luggage is not in your way and it has a use!” – Debbie Mitchell

“I always bring a plastic shoe organizer to hang on the bathroom or closet door. They work great for organizing personal items. And the cabin walls are magnetic, so bring magnetic hooks to hang things on the wall. Command hooks are great for hanging your things, too.

And other than on embarkation day, consider enjoying breakfast and lunch in the dining room. It’s much more pleasant than the Lido deck.” – Ann Osowski

“Book excursions and dining early! You can always cancel them later, but excursions and even dinner slots fill up quick.” – Sarah Driscoll

“If you think you might get seasick or aren’t sure if you will, it’s good to bring some MotionEaze or motion sickness bracelets just in case.” – Brittney Crouch



More Cruising Tips

  • In your cruise documents, the cruise line will provide you with luggage tags used to identify which room they should be delivered to. They will be paper and have instructions on how to fold and attach them to your luggage. Because they’re paper, we suggest you cover them in packing tape to prevent them from being ripped or destroyed.
  • If you’re departing from a warm port, pack a bathing suit, cover-up and sandals in your carry on bag, because sometimes luggage won’t be delivered until later in the day. This way, you can change your clothes right away and be in vacation mode.
  • Upon arrival on the ship, depending on the time, either go right to your cabin to drop off your bags or head straight to the Lido deck for lunch.
  • If you find you need more outlets, ask your room steward if they have any outlet extenders. It’s at the cruise line’s discretion whether they allow you to bring your own, but they will sometimes have extras onboard you can use.


Smart Phones and Communication

Check with your phone carrier before cruising to check how your plan can handle roaming and international calls. Some carriers provide affordable options for traveling abroad.

Without an international plan, it’s suggested to put your phone in airplane mode but keep the WiFi turned on so you can connect to the cruise line’s onboard app. If you haven’t purchased an Internet package with the cruise lines, tell your friends and family you will check messages and Facebook when you are in port only when you can connect to free WiFi. Just follow the crew members who are leaving the ship—their first stop will be to a WiFi hotspot! Most restaurants, bars and port terminals will have free WiFi as well.

Regardless of whether or not you have a supporting phone plan or the WiFi package, you’ll want to keep your phone on you anyhow. It will probably be your camera, and it will also serve as your cruise planner and possibly as a messaging device between guests.

Cruise lines have updated their technology and many have apps where you can see the daily schedule of activities, talk to other guests on the ship, and even make reservations for specialty restaurants and shows right from your phone. These apps are free and a great addition to the paper daily planners that the cruise line will put in your cabin each night.


Dietary Restrictions

If you or someone in your party has a dietary restriction (i.e. gluten-free, kosher, vegan), know that cruise lines are accommodating and will make every effort to provide you with a variety of food options.

Should you be dealing with a food allergy, rest assured that cruise lines take such situations seriously and are generally well set up to avoid cross-contamination. The cruise line will need to know in advance so that your booking is noted and all precautions and preparations are taken, so please relay all allergies to your travel agent. Due to the serious nature of a food allergy, you should also speak with the Maître D’ and every food server that will handle your meals.




“Just because the cruise line allows you to sail with only a birth certificate, that will not help you get home in the case of an emergency in a foreign country. If you are late to the ship or have a medical mishap while in port, the ship isn’t going to wait for you. Now you have the extra expense of staying in a hotel room until you can get the local U.S. embassy to issue you an emergency passport, which can take up to a week. Then you get to buy a last-minute airline ticket home, which will not be cheap. Just spend the $110 to get your passport before your cruise for peace of mind!” – Rose Forbes

*Please note that passport books and passport cards are different. We recommend a passport book.


Gratuities and Travel Insurance

“There is an automatic gratuity charged per day per person for your cruise staff. This can be prepaid with your booking or charged to your room while onboard to be paid before you disembark.

It’s not required, but we always recommend purchasing travel insurance. We would rather you have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Many medical insurance companies won’t cover you outside the U.S., and you never know what can happen—travel protection is available for purchase as an option.” – Debbie Mitchell


Bring a Carry-On

Before you even board the ship, you’re going to want to be prepared. Keep your cruise documents and your passports on you (in your purse, wallet, carry-on, etc.) as you board your cruise. Do not pack them in your suitcase! You can be declined boarding if you do not have the proper ID and documents, so do not under any circumstances put them anywhere in your suitcase!

We advise bringing a bag you can usee for the entire cruise as your carry-on, like a tote or backpack you can use when you get off in the ports for carrying your personal items.

Here’s what to pack in your carry-on for embarkation day:

  • A change of clothes (including your bathing suit, a cover-up, and flip flops if you’ll want to enjoy the pool)
  • All travel documentation
  • All medications (it’s recommended for you to leave these in their original prescription bottles)
  • Sunscreen
  • Any valuables
  • All other items you’d like to carry-on

It’s most likely that your suitcases will not arrive to your cabin until later in the afternoon closer to sailing time, so be prepared with a well-packed carry-on bag to fully enjoy your first vacation day!



What’s Included with Your Cruise

  • Meals in the Dining Room and Buffet
  • Some Snacks – Depending on the cruise line there could be pizza, pastries, and other foods available at certain areas of the ship.
  • Water, Coffee, Tea
  • Entertainment
  • Kids Areas

What’s Not Included

  • Soda and Alcoholic Beverages
  • Specialty Dining Restaurants – These are restaurants onboard that offer special menus and require reservations. These are optional experiences.
  • Excursions – If you want to take a tour at your port of call, there are several to choose from. These require additional payment to participate, and charges will vary based on the experience.
  • Gift Shop & Specialty Snacks
  • Parking

*These are the general inclusions and non-inclusions. It may, however, vary depending on the cruise line, itinerary or booking accommodations. Your travel agent will be able to further guide you with what’s being included on your specific cruise sailing.


Cabin Sizes

Many people who haven’t cruised before compare a ship cabin to a hotel room.

This is incorrect.

Ship cabins are in general much smaller than an average hotel room. Before booking a specific cabin category, ask your travel agent about the specifics. For most cruise lines, our agents can look up the ship’s layout, including location and sizes of specific cabins.

We never recommend getting an inside cabin on your first cruise, especially if you’re worried about seasickness. At a minimum, we’d recommend getting an oceanview so you’ll be able to see daylight and outside. If you know you may have issues with seasickness, however, we’d recommend a cabin with a balcony so you’ll be able to open the balcony door for fresh air, which can help with seasickness.



Ship Schedules

There’s a lot you can do on a cruise: shows, excursions, specialty dining, activities, seminars and so much more.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to do everything the ship has to offer. The ship will hold a packed and tight schedule. This is done on purpose to ensure that nothing is overcrowded and/or overbooked. None of the ship’s amenities will be able to hold everyone on board all at once, so they need to make sure that everyone is spread out and enjoying different parts of the ship.

A printed daily itinerary will be left in your room by your room steward each evening with the next day’s schedule. We recommend bringing a highlighter so you can go over it and keep track of what’s most important to you. The bigger ships and cruise lines will also have all of this information available to you in their app while onboard, and some may even allow you to preschedule the shows you’d like to attend.


Cruising Dress Code

During the day, cruises are fairly casual. However, you’ll want to bring clothes you can wear over your bathing suit for if you want to go from the pool to the buffet or other eating establishments as you won’t be allowed in with just your swimwear.

In the evening, most cruise lines won’t allow shorts and tank tops into the main dining rooms and restaurants. Jeans and pants, however, are usually acceptable. Think about it like going to dinner at a fairly nice restaurant at home.

Depending on the cruise line, you may also have at least one chic/dress-up/formal night. This is a night where the dress code is slightly elevated. Ladies will find a cocktail dress or dress pants with a nice blouse acceptable, and men should wear dress pants with a nice shirt and tie, though a jacket isn’t required.

It’s also possible to have a white night, in which everyone is asked to wear entirely white. Ask your travel agent if you should expect one of these on your cruise.

If you don’t want to dress up for any of the special nights, it’s absolutely not mandatory, though you won’t be able to dine in any of the participating dining rooms and restaurants on that night. The buffet will still be open and available for you to eat at in casual dress.


Enjoy Your Cruise!

It’s your vacation! We just know that once you step on board that ship you’re going to have such an amazing time.

If you have any other questions about your cruise, anything at all, we’re here to help.



140 E. Indiana Ave., DeLand, FL 32724



*Please make note that these are general guidelines. Different cruise lines and/or itineraries may have different rules and regulations. Ask our travel agents about specific rules that may apply to your cruise itinerary.

The Opportunity to Tour Greece

Brittney Crouch


It seems like everyone I’ve spoken to recently—both inside and outside the office—wants to visit Greece. It’s on all their bucket lists. And it’s on mine, too.

I can’t speak for everyone’s reason for wanting to go, but what has Greece so high up on my list is the history and scenery. The scenery, especially on Santorini, is unlike anywhere else on the planet. And the history of Greece holds some of the most interesting stories in the world for me. Especially the stories of the Greek Gods. In Greek Mythology, there seems to be a God or Goddess for every aspect of life.


Athens, the capital city of Greece, is home to the Parthenon, which was dedicated to Athena (the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War). It sits atop the Acropolis, the rocky outcrop that sits above the city. The Parthenon is perhaps the most famous site that’s located there, but it’s not the only one. Among the list of other sites are the Alter of Athena, the Sanctuary of Zeus Polieus (God of the Sky, Lightning, Thunder, Law, Order, and Justice), and the Theatre of Dionysys Eleuthereus (God of the Vine, Grape-Harvest, Wine-making, Wine, Fertility, Ritual Madness, Religious Ecstacy, and Theatre). I could easily spend an entire day just wandering around there, taking it all in.


The mythology doesn’t stop in Athens, though. It’s said that Hercules formed the island of Mykonos from the petrified bodies of giants he killed. The island’s name itself comes from Apollo’s grandson, and maybe that’s because of the island’s closeness to Apollo’s birthplace: Delos. But because Mykonos is more famous because of its white washed architecture, more of you may know it for its buildings, windmills and beaches.


It’s the scenery of Santorini, however, that seems more striking to me. Maybe it’s the blue-domed churches (everyone knows that postcard shot), or maybe it’s the winding ramps and steps up and down the hills through the city with all of the white-washed buildings and their bright blue doors. And they all share a wonderful view of the sea. There’s also Santorni’s crescent moon shaped bay that looks over the caldera (a volcanic depression shaped like a cauldron). In fact, Santorini Island is an active volcano. It’s dormant, but still active.

Later this year in October, we’ve got an amazing opportunity for our Explorers to travel to Greece with Mayflower Cruises & Tours. Over 9 days, the group will get to discover Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini, with both tours and free time in all three. The airfare is included in the price, and because the trip is scheduled for the shoulder season, the pricing is great. The weather will be a little cooler because of the season, but it’ll be a really wonderful time of year to see the country.

If Greece is on your bucket list, or maybe you’d like to go back and see more with the available free time on this itinerary, give us a call. We’d love to add you to our group!

Explorer Spotlight – Florence & Ken Falter

Cruising the Great Lakes

This cruise has been on our “to do” list for some time and we finally took it.

There are two cruise lines doing Great Lakes cruises. We chose Victory Cruise Lines as their itinerary was more to our liking and they were less expensive. Their ship, the Victory I, holds about 210 passengers.

We were most pleasantly surprised at the “large cruise ship” amenities of this small ship. The staff were every bit as friendly and efficient as we have experienced on the big ships. And the food was as good as we have had. It turns out that the head of the cruise line was previously involved in putting together the any time dining and other programs for NCL.

The trip offered us an “on the water” experience of the five lakes, how they are connected, etc. The lakes cover a wide range of geography, climate, population, etc. and we saw and experienced it all. The daily tours were very good and provided good local color and experience at each port.

Oh, and did we mention that this was an all-inclusive cruise? All tours and all drinks (wine, well liquors, and the drink of the day) are included. The lounge and tavern are open virtually all day and drinks are always available. Wine is served at lunch and dinner also.

We had a musical duo playing each evening for cocktail hour and after dinner. There is also a full service spa, a small gym, deck chair seats on Deck 4 and a sun deck on Deck 5. In addition to the Main Dining Room, there is an outdoor dining venue at the rear of Deck 4.

And what about the ports? Mackinac Island was a treat, carried everywhere by horse drawn conveyances and a great buffet lunch. Sault Ste. Marie offered a choice of a US tour or a Canadian tour. Manitoulin Island, in Lake Huron, is home to several of Canada’s First Nations and we experienced several facets of their ways and customs.

Detroit offered tours to both the Henry Ford Museum of Innovation (one could spend a week in this wonderful collection of Americana) in Greenfield and the Detroit Museum of Art. The highlight of Cleveland was the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which brought back many wonderful memories.

At Niagara Falls, we had a boat trip and a wine tasting, followed by transiting the Welland Canal and its 8 locks which lower ships the height of Niagara Falls. And, finally, Toronto where this wonderful 10-day cruise ended. And you get to pass through American and Canadian customs 3-5 times at no extra charge.

We heartily recommend this domestic US/Canada Great Lakes cruise for a unique and most enjoyable experience.

– – Florence and Ken Falter

On to Botswana!

Amanda Vallone

As you can tell we had been on an amazing journey through the Southern countries of Africa thus far. We saw Table Mountain, the newest addition to the natural wonders of the world, and Victoria Falls, one of the largest and most noteworthy waterfalls in the world. So what else is there to see? You guessed it! Wildlife!

So onto Botswana we went.

On the way to Botswana we had to do a border crossing where we showed our passports, itineraries and then had to walk out through this pesticide (shoes on) as to not bring certain pests into the country of Botswana. In all honesty I am not quite sure how this stops the pests, but I’m sure it helps a little as what we picked up on our feet was pretty grody.

Anyway… you didn’t want to read about that wildlife, I know. The Big 5 is what you want to know about, right?


We arrived in Chobe National park and were brought to our game reserve: the Chobe Lodge. I have to say we were all really tired and slightly ornery because it had gotten pretty hot, not to mention we had been traveling non-stop for days with little down time… Granted it was kind of our own fault, because the one ‘down’ day we had, everyone in the group decided to partake in 2-3 optional excursions instead of having down time. But that aside, we were all exhausted and temperamental travelers…

But then we were greeted with a refreshing drink and a cool towel and ushered to a lovely lunch.

With a little bit of time to get ready before our first event, everyone decided to freshen up a bit. Then it was on our way to a river safari at 4:30pm.


As my group walked down the steep stairs to load onto the boat, we were diverted onto a private vessel of our own. Just one more reason why going with a group-led custom-designed trip is simply amazing! My group had no clue we were going to be on our own vessel as they saw hundreds of others boarding these big boats. But Victoria at Salute Africa and I planned for it to be just our group and simply perfect, and perfect it was! But really, I must give all of the credit to Victoria—she was amazing!

So we boarded this covered boat and as always on a Roseborough Trip, we had a cocktail party. While we were drifting along the Chobe River, we first saw so many beautiful birds that were everywhere, as well as some crocodiles. Next up we saw tons of water buffalo and hippos. I mean hundreds of these things. It was incredible. To see the wildlife so close was really amazing.


A little more downstream was where we saw elephants, and not just one or two. There were about 30 all in one area. They were splashing around in the water and having a great time cooling off. What a sight to see!

But then, suddenly, we see these elephants trying to cross from a center island back to the mainland. We stayed for a while watching the process of it all. The elephants lined up one by one and crossed the deep river to get back. But when it came to the last two little babies they could not get across. At this time, we were so close to the babies the father got really mad, or maybe protective is a better word. He helped his two young across the river then he blew his horn, waived his trunk and made sure we knew who was boss. And it most certainly was him!

During all of this we were literally right up close and personal. The elephants crossed right in front of us. We did not move or get into their area. We simply watched nature take its course and the animals decide their own path. It was exhilarating, exciting, and emotional. These animals are so majestic. You literally do not hear them walk on land at all, yet they are MASSIVE. They are truly creatures to be respected. The wildlife was so incredible, and this was only our game drive water safari… I mean can anything really top that?

Oh, and yes, the sunset in Africa really is the most beautiful sunset in all of the world!


Riding an Elephant

Amanda Vallone

Lions and tigers and bears… oh that’s a different trip. Let’s talk elephants in Victoria Falls.

As you have probably already read in some of our last blogs, the experiences in South Africa and Zimbabwe & Zambia are spectacular. This is one account of one more stunning experience.

It was 5am the day after our brush with death touching the lions… Joking!

Seriously, it was more like 4am the next morning when we woke up and had a cup of coffee and headed out. My family was the same as normal, dragging their feet getting ready. How does one get ready for a Bush Safari on Elephant anyway? Because that was exactly what we were doing.

As we got to camp, we were given a safety briefing and history lesson about the elephants we would see, and we were told of their handlers.

And then we all walked out on the deck and saw this spectacular parade of majestic creatures walking one by one to the balcony we were boarding them from. Besides pure size alone, the thing that most impressed me was their skin. It is all dry and wrinkled, thousands and thousands of beautiful old wrinkles, and their eyelashes are incredibly long. Like that 99-year-old woman whose skin was tanned from her life and all her wrinkles show the proof of the life she has lived—the good, the bad and everything in between. Those wrinkles are her storybook of every smile, cry, laugh, and heartache in her life—it is completely beautiful. Elephants are just the same. When you look them in the eye, there is so much depth… you find a connection right away. The elephant is truly a soulful creature. It is no wonder why all of the other animals respect them the way they do.


So how does one board an elephant?

Let’s just say, I am not your best example…

The elephants walk up to the deck that is designed to be right at the height of their backs. You walk up and set your left leg (inside leg) up first then quickly hoist the right leg over the back of the elephant. This does take some maneuvering and stability but is so worth it.

After you are on be sure to LIFT your left (inside) foot up. Why is this an important thing? Well the elephant leans into the deck to allow you to get on. So, if you don’t do as you’re told—and are an idiot like me—your foot will be squished between the deck and the bajillion pound elephant. This, my friends, is not a comfortable position to be in.

After I realized my ankle was not crushed into a million pieces, it was time to enjoy the ride.


We took a leisurely stroll on the back of our elephants through the bush, where we learned about our lovely pachyderm, her feeding habits, and why their tusks are all broken or sawed off.

Interesting fact: Elephant Reserves in Africa have begun sawing off the Elephants tusks to make the elephants less desirable for poaching AND because an infected tusk can lead to death. So by sawing them down, there is less of a chance for the ends to be broken and later infected.


Time to Walk on the Wild Side…

Amanda Vallone


A trip to Victoria Falls allows for a great adventure opportunity. There are helicopter rides over the falls, bungee jumping off the bridge, diving in the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe, and white water adventures.

Many of the people in our group could not choose what they wanted to do as a side trip so they chose to enjoy a few things.

About 8 of our Explorers took a helicopter ride over the falls. From what I heard, it was quite an incredible experience.

15 of us decided to live on the WILD side…

The evening after our daring jump into Devils Pool, 15 of our group members decided to walk with the lions. We did not know what we were getting ourselves into. Would we be eaten alive, would we get to touch them? Would we only get to be with the cubs?

We would soon find out.

Our guide and driver picked us up at the hotel and brought us out into the bush to a wildlife refuge. Along the way our bus broke down and we had to hoof it about ½ a mile through the bush. We were all concerned a lion would find us looking quite yummy for their dinner…

Upon safe arrival to Lion Encounter, we were offered a beverage and given a briefing as to how to walk with the lions. We were all given a stick to protect ourselves. You read that right, a STICK was our protection against these creatures. If a lion lunged at us we were to point the stick at them and say “no.” Whaaat?????

So, off we went. Splitting into two groups, my group took the path with more of a hike and the other group went along more flat land in the opposite direction.

And out came the first two lions.

Trained they were! But wild animals just the same.

Paula was the first one up to walk with the lions. I think everyone stopped breathing as she approached him.

Then each of us took our turns to follow walking with these amazing creatures and getting photos along the way.

When I say this experience was magical, I really mean it. To say you walked, and even touched, a lion is quite spectacular.

I to this day cannot believe we did it.

The walk alone was a full hour or more. When we were done we were served a nice small meal and given some drinks. We then learned a lot about the conservation, how the lions were brought here, and how they’re prepared for release into a pride.

I had a few guests on my trip who did not want to participate in this experience because they watched a documentary about experiences like this that would kill the lions after they were done with them. How horrible!

The Lion Encounter is all about ethical rehabilitation and release into the wild. They do not declaw or de-tooth their lions, which is what you hear of at some of those places. It was the goal and priority of Salute Africa not to fund any of the inhumane projects. So, they paired us up directly with Lion Encounter.

Our group was so impressed by this experience and what they do for the lions. It was incredible. But a picture is worth a thousand words. Check out our photos: