My Love Affair with Greece

My love affair with Greece started over 40 years ago and it still remains today my favorite

place to go on holiday in Europe on my visits back across the pond.


The traditions and family run taverna’s remain unchanged whether you’re in little fishing villages or lively hotspots.

Although Athens, Mykonos and Santorini are more familiar to cruise visitors, I would like to share with you my experiences and long lasting memories of the islands and places I have visited.

Corfu – Holds a special place in my heart as it was my 1st visit to the country and mainly  due to my Greek boyfriend at the time, became like my 2nd home. I remember  many an evening linking arms with the locals and learning the Greek dancing.

             Corfu Town was a maze of narrow streets and you can even meet the monks at  the Paleokastritsa Monastery, high up on the hill overlooking the town.


Rhodes – Was mainly remembered by me in my teenage years in the lively resort of Falaraki  with its many clubs and bars, but it also has beautiful beaches and is known for its Acropolis and old windmills. You can even have a day trip by ferry to Marmaris or

Kusadasi in Turkey.

Kos – This small friendly island has whitewashed villages on the hillsides and a visit to Kos Town  has a picturesque harbor where you can also get a ferry across to Bodrum, Turkey.

          The harbor is surrounded by medieval castle walls and its the perfect spot to sip a glass  of ouzo ( a Greek aniseed flavored liquor ) and enjoy a meze of lamb meatballs, stuffed   vine leaves, tzatziki and humus dips, olives and feta cheese.

Zante – Is the home for the Loggerhead Turtles who come from thousands of miles to lay their  eggs on the protected beaches. The famous picture (below) of Smugglers Cove surrounded by  rugged cliffs and only reached by boat has many a story to tell by pirates from the past.

bretta smugglers cove zante

Crete – The largest Greek Isle has a vast contrast each side from East to West. The cosmopolitan East has lively resorts and many an evening spent dining at different restaurants along the harbor front of Aghios Nikalaos Bay. The historical West in contrast was believed to the birthplace of modern civilization and also has the Samaria Gorge, the longest in Europe.

Halkadiki – After visiting a few of the islands I thought I would try staying on the mainland and Hanioti on the Aegean peninsula was a charming resort with a lovely village square

that lit up at night with a wide choice of bars and restaurants to sample with a fountain

in the middle. You can also take a day trip to Thessaloniki from there, Greece’s 2nd

largest city next to Athens.

Parga – Also on the mainland on the Ionian Side always stays utmost in my mind, it’s where the Greeks go on holiday which says it all. Unspoilt, traditional and the friendliest place on earth. I stayed on Valtos Beach and every evening would walk up the hill to the Venetian Castle the down the other side through narrow cobbled alleyways to the harbor where I would sit with a glass of wine at my favorite Taverna overlooking the blue sea.

A fun way to get around and explore further inland is to hire a jeep for the day, although make sure it’s roadworthy and not be like us and have it break down in the middle of nowhere and be stuck for 5 hours with 3 young sons! Another adventure we can laugh about now!

In the pictures below you can see the beautiful view of Parga harbor at night taken from the castle up on the hill. Then you can see how the daytime everything transforms when you step out onto that same beachfront crescent and bathe in the sun and wade in the turquoise waters. Finally, a great harbor area showing the shops and vibrant tavernas welcoming you.

Finally if you haven’t already done so watch the 2 movies, Mama Mia filmed on the small island of Skoplos and Captain Morelli’s Mandolin filmed in Kefalonia to remind you and give you that taste and feel of what a visit to Greece and its beautiful islands can impress on you.


Bretta Pool

Travel Professional at – Roseborough Travel

Certified *Brit Agent* Sandals Specialist* Rail Europe * Monograms & Cosmos

If you want to start planning your dream vacation to Greece and speak directly with our Greece specialist herself, Bretta Pool, give us a call at 386-734-7245 or e-mail her here

Bretta is a valued member of Roseborough Travel’s team of  professional travel consultants. She came all the way “across the pond” to join us in America. You will easily tell who Bretta is from her lovely British accent. Bretta is an amazing travel consultant. She has traveled through Europe on a consistent basis, she is obviously our Great Britain EXPERT.

Bretta is also a Wedding and Honeymoon Expert having gotten married at a Sandals Resort in Jamaica herself. Bretta is well versed in planning the destination weddings and honeymoons of our clients dreams



  1. I’m with you! While in the Foreign Service with the Dept of State, I was posted to Athens twice for a total of 5-1/2 years and LOVED it! Just signed up to receive updates for trips and hope to join your soon!


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