A day in the life of a travel professional

Beep beep beep beep… My cell phone buzzes and I roll over to turn it off not realizing it is only 5 short hours since I returned home from my 15.5 hour flight home from China last night. By the time I collected bags from the group, realized 2 of our bags were delayed in New York City Customs and had to have them delivered to our clients the following day, called the pre-arranged coach to pick us up at the airport, and bring us home… my family was already asleep by the time I walked into the door at 3:00am.2015-03-09 18.04.39

I guess I shouldn’t be too upset, my new time zone (a slight difference from my internal clock of 4pm Shanghai time that my body had become accustom to) was a typical sleeping hour.

2015-03-09 21.41.20

As I roll over and out of the bed to grab my first cup of coffee to begin to wake up, I check my e-mail slightly bleary eyed. OMG, seriously… 3,476 new e-mails? How could this be possible? Someone was watching my e-mail while I was gone for any client requests, issues, or other communication… (Normal trips I am able to get into my e-mail a bit more, but China still has so many restrictions on e-mail, social media, and other websites it was difficult to see everything-still, I cannot believe there was this many).  My daughter cries out and my husband wakes up, its time to make the doughnuts… wait that is a different life.


I am going delirious on only one cup o’ joe. As hubby brews me another (gotta love those single cup brewers) I play with my daughter and begin to get ready, I will get back to the bazillion e-mails in a bit.

After my morning routine I make my way into the office (late, I always show up a little later the day after a group trip returns). There, piles on my desk, files, marketing campaigns, and a computer full of e-mails… await my return like greedy time warps, but first it’s time for the group trip wrap up chat. Every time one of us comes home from a trip we have a whole tear down of the trip to talk about the good, bad, and the ugly to see how we could do it better, the things we learned, and the adventures we accomplished. At the top of the list for me was: EVERYONE MUST visit China! And I am not one of those people who believes that everyone fits into this small little box that is neat and tidy and everyone should go visit the same place for the same reason. But seriously, China blew my expectations out of the water. Seeing the pits of the terracotta warriors literally made me tear up- yes I cried at statues. Judge me if you want to! I touched, walked, and even climbed the Great Wall of China 🙂

I saw the Panda, Chinas natural wonder, ate Peking duck- and liked it… wait, LOVED it!  And took a Yantzee River Cruise through the beautiful three gorges- seriously awe inspiring. One of my favorite places I went to along that cruise was a unique hike called bamboo forest- it was a 5 hour nature hike that was breathtaking. Airports in China were an “Experience” to get through to say the least. One of our clients had an issue with customs, her last name is Clay and because there is not an L in Chinese names the tour operator (not the agents- not Roseborough) wrote Cay for her last name. Well Chinese, customs did not like that her passport did not match her last name. Of course- this is a huge reason why we always double check names and the legal form of ID. So that was a huge ordeal. Did she make it? Of course she did… It took our tour guide speaking to the customs officials, me speaking with the

But all in all the trip was a life changing trip for everyone. Everyone left the trip planning their next adventure- we are thinking a trip to Italy, a trip to Iceland, or a River Cruise through Vietnam and Cambodia.

After giving the run down and conversing a bit about the whole trip and what I missed in the office while I was away I sit down at my desk and settle into my daily activities.

Ring Ring Ring “Thanks for Calling Roseborough Travel what adventure can I help you plan today?” Cruises to the Bahamas, Mediterranean Cruises, Tours to Iceland, River Cruise for Tulip Time, ChristmasMarkets River Cruise, a Tourist Visa to India, and a group to an all-inclusive resort.

The day flies by and the phone rings on, it is a glorious sound; you know why it is a glorious sound? It means we have happy people who like to plan adventures with us. People who are a part of our family of explorers. Explorers who want everything from a hotel for one night for a business trip to a car rental to a world cruise. Nothing is too big or too small of a job for us to take on. The buzz of the office is contagious. I hear Cathy adding on a player from the local Soccer team to the flight manifest that was submitted weeks ago as a “final copy” because a player was injured a week before the big game. Cathy is working her magic as she always does. The travel gods are happy with us today- on days that they are shining down on us we know they are women J  ok, maybe they are really handsome men… who are we to judge? I think Cathy’s travel god is a Gaelic one named Liam, and Tiffany’s is one of sand and sea.

And Tiffany is working with one of her corporate clients right now who is traveling home from Brazil. She gets e-mails in the middle of the night with flight changes when his business changes plans and she has to re-arrange his whole schedule, flights, airlines, car rentals, and everything before he lands in his next city. She knows the hotels, car types and companies, and preferred traveler numbers he likes and you would think he was her best friend or a family member, but in all honestly, they have never even met face to face. He is just one of the Roseborough Explorer Family and she has been his Corporate travel agent for years. She WOWed him with her back bending customer service when she fixed an unfixable mistake he made by booking his own ticket through Orbitz and he has never gone back to dealing with his own bookings since.




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