National Parks Celebrate 100 years #NPS100

National Parks Celebrate 100 years #NPS100

By Amanda Vallone

Happy birthday to you.. happy Birthday to you… Happy birthday NPS… Happy birthday to you.

So my birthday was just on Tuesday. I’ve heard the birthday song almost more times than I can bare.  I love celebrating, don’t get me wrong- But hate being serenaded. And believe me, no one in their right mind would have wanted to hear me sing that birthday song.

grandma and I

So today is the national park services 100 year birthday. That’s pretty spectacular. One true milestone I think we all can agree upon. Yellowstone national park was the first of the national parks within the system and possibly the world. Known for its wildlife and many geothermal features, especially for Old Faithful Geyser-one of the most popular features in the park, Yellowstone is a favorite park to many.

(Some of Amanda’s pics from her previous National Parks article)

Jean recently went on a Mayflower tour to the National Parks and this was her experience “Old Faithful- Our Yellowstone naturalist guide was like a walking guidebook and showed us all sorts of great information about Yellowstone that I didn’t know. Most important, he coordinated with our Mayflower tour manager to be sure we got to see Old Faithful go off after grabbing a bite to eat at the visitor’s center. The smell of Sulphur all around, we saw a little bubbling as we stood at a viewing platform all around. Then, all of a sudden- whoosh! The geyser shot up and it sounded like a heavy rain falling.”

thumbnail_old faithful


Continental Divide- this was a really cool spot where we had breakfast with a view of the Grand Tetons in the background. We had hot coffee, juice, flapjacks, French Toast, sausage and bacon which were delicious- but it was the view that made it spectacular!

thumbnail_Continental Divide

Devil’s Tower- according to Native American legend, the rock rose up to save seven little girls from a larger bear. It’s home to more than 20 Native American tribes and we’ve seen it in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Pretty awesome to be standing right in front of it!

thumbnail_devils tower

thumbnail_Custer State Park

Custer State Park- up close with all sorts of beautiful creatures

thumbnail_float trip

Float trip- our view of the Grand Tetons from the raft on the river was totally free of any cars or buildings blocking them. Our raft guide kept us safe on our soft adventure, while giving all sorts of insight about the birds, wildlife, history and stories of the area. And we even got to see a bald eagle! They say smelling the fresh pine is actually a stress relief…and I agree!

thumbnail_bald eagle

Mt Rushmore- so pretty with the sun shining, but we also got to see a ceremony at night- what a patriotic way to experience this monument.Validation that it is great to be seeing such cool things right in the states!

thumbnail_Mt. Rishmore

– Picture of the mountains- Pretty much sums up the natural beauty of this trip…this is going up on the wall!


As the great John Muir said “The mountains are calling, and I must go!”

If you are interested in joining a tour like Jean or Amanda took check out this link It is our group going June 2017 to Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, and Mt. Rushmore…

Or give us a call at 386-734-7245 at Roseborough Travel and we will be happy to help you with planning your National Parks tour.



A Zip-line Adventure

A Zip-line Adventure

By JoHanna James

I so enjoy cruising because it offers so many fun experiences!  Celebrating life aka birthdays, has always been a moment in time when I seek to enjoy the view and family even the more. One of the things that I decided to do to celebrate my 55th birthday was to do something adventurous – zip line!  Having challenged some family and friends who were part of a group cruise, the opportunity came aboard Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas!  I was happy and excited to learn that the Oasis had its own zip-line and it was part of the cruise experience, aka FREE!


So, with my best adventurous attitude, I signed the waiver, and jumped into line where I had plenty of opportunity to back-out (but I didn’t), instead I took the time to chat with others in line – most younger than me :), who were also seeking a thrill.  The Oasis’ zip-line was just the right length and height and offered a priceless view of the ship.  The moment I was strapped into the gear-an interesting process- I followed the instructions of the ride’s attendant and off I went!!!!!!  Before I could get scared, it was over, but I will never forget the fun, the fear, the joy, and the contentment of having land under my feet again!


If you are interested in going on an Oasis of the Seas vacation, I will be happy to talk with you more about my experience onboard the ship and with Royal Caribbean. I am a WOW certified agent and happy to help!

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Stellar Client Review for MaryAnn Slamovitz

At Roseborough Travel Agency our mission is to fulfill your travel dreams and make sure you receive incredible customer service. It is with great passion, direct resources, and knowledge of the industry that we plan extraordinary vacations for our #RoseboroughExplorers to enjoy.

Most often we have clients plan amazing vacations and our clients come back and tell us that they had a great time. But there is nothing like reading it in a “review” to others to really solidify that our hard work did not go unnoticed.

Mary Ann Slamovitz an independent contractor and outside travel professional for Roseborough Travel. Her passion is Europe as well as the Bridal Market. She really loves making sure honeymoon couples have a seamless time. Well her client Amanda Rodriguez would agree. Read her review below:


I wanted to take this opportunity to e-mail you both and tell you what an amazing experience we had with Mary Ann in planning our 3 week honeymoon. Amanda Rodriguez

We left May 25th and flew from FL to Madrid. Spent some time in Madrid then went to Barcelona for 2 days where our cruise left from. Took an 11 night cruise on Celebrity going from Spain to France, Italy, Turkey, and Greece. Then we spent 2 night in Athens. Flew back to Madrid to spend another 2 nights. Came home June 15th. 
Mary Ann was amazing!!! She met with us at the office, met me in New Smyrna Beach, and we had numerous e-mails and phone calls back and forth. Due to my work schedule we had many late night chats which was much appreciated. Through the entire planning process she was very cost conscious. She was very knowledgeable. She had great suggestions. She booked our transports, excursions, special dinners, hotels, etc. Everything went so smoothly! 
We had the most amazing time and owe it all to Mary Ann!”


To contact MaryAnn and see more about her click here