Posted by Intern: Matthew I

Berlin has emerged from its communist past as a lively, progressive, avant-garde and one of Europe’s most in demand cities. The city is home to scores of exhibitions and art shows that cover a broad range of subjects bound to interest people from all different walks of life.  The Berlin Wall Memorial  is devoted to those who perished trying to pass from East Germany to West Germany.  The Bahaus Factory Museum features objects and memorabilia related to the factory, which was one of the most famous and significant schools of design and art in the 1900s.

If one feels like taking a break from the sight-seeing scene and getting close to nature there is  Mauer park, which functions as not only a peaceful site, but also a place for lively marketplace enthusiasts. The park also turns into a flea market once a week,  with traders selling everything from food to furnishings. The park hosts hosts a karaoke competition, but instead of expert vocal performance, the event is more centered on enjoyment and wackiness. Berlin’s Botanical garden, founded in the seventeenth century, was given a touch up in the late twentieth century.  Currently, it houses thousands of plant species,  over a dozen greenhouses and a museum.

Berlin is a cutting-edge, dynamic capital city. It boasts a wide variety of of events to participate in and places to go, from visiting legendary factories, listening to the philharmonic,  dance until early morning, or being amazed of all the different plant types in a garden. Berlin rightfully deserves it reputation of one of Europe’s most fascinating cities.