Explorer Spotlight: Donna Green

By Explorer: Donna Green

Christmas Market River Cruise


What is your favorite part of your most recent trip?

Wow! That is a hard question. I loved Prague, Nuremberg, and so many places, but I would love to return to Salzburg. It was so cold and very icy when you got away from the shopping areas, so we were unable to visit what I wanted to explore. There is so much to see in Salzburg, starting with the salt mines, the fortress, the filming location of The Sound of Music and Mirabell Gardens, and then you have many side tours from there through the Bavarian Alps.


Now that is a reason to return to this area, but to answer the question “my favorite part?” would be Regensburg. We walked everywhere, both on a guided tour and then by ourselves. It is easy to get around there; the people are friendly and helpful, and there is a lot of history to discover. The Christmas Market in Regensburg was the nicest and most interesting with lots of arts and crafts.


What sites did you see while traveling?

The most interesting site for me was visiting the Courthouse and Room 600 where the Nuremburg Trials were held. Besides the history you learn in Room 600, one floor up is a museum with numerous photographs and information on the trials as to who was found guilty and who was acquitted. In this area we also found photographs and some information on the Japanese Trials. In Nuremburg, our tour took us to Hitler’s base of operations and that was amazing to hear and see what had transpired there.


Any interesting facts or history you learned?

We learned that the children in school are taught of the atrocities during Hitler’s regime and how that can never happen again. We saw a memorial to the Jews in Regensburg and some school children were there on a field trip.

What company did you travel/ cruise with?

Through Roseborough Travel we booked with AMA Waterways for the December 2016 Christmas Market River Cruise. We look forward to another river cruise with AMA. They are phenomenal!

How did you find that company handled your vacation/ tours/ hotels?

Roseborough Travel in Deland, Florida, the best agency you can use.

Anything you did not like?

We did not like the COLD, especially the FREEZING cold in Budapest! Yes, we knew it would be cold in December in Europe, but this was the WORST! However, I would like to return to Hungary one day in their spring or summer and really enjoy all they have to offer.


Where is the next place you want to explore?

ICELAND, and I’ll be going there in February 2017.


Holiday Cruising

Blog by Amanda Vallone

Have you ever thought of doing something different for your family holiday? We have!

For the past 10 years my family and I have been taking a Thanksgiving Cruise. It started as my grandparents idea after my parents brought our family on our first 3 night cruise- which we loved of course! So the next year our family planned the cruise of our dreams for the week of our Thanksgiving holiday. The week was perfect because so many family members already had vacation time and would all be flying in from Texas, New York, even Germany to celebrate this holiday together.

Sadly, my grandfather’s passing came before he was able to experience this family cruise. However, we still all went to celebrate his life and our family. It was a bitter-sweet time but something we have cherished year after year. I am thankful for my¬† family in this season of giving and love the tradition we have started.

Now, ten years later we have celebrated year after year on a cruise for Thanksgiving. It is always amazing and an ever-changing crowd. We have grown from aunts and uncles, cousins, friends of the family, in-laws, and outlaws and everyone in between. We enjoy seeing new places, experiencing different cultures, and enjoying vacation time together. Best part, we do not have to cook all day long, fight over who does the dishes, or worry about packing into one small kitchen. Cruising is honestly the best way to celebrate a holiday.

This year, not only was my family on this cruise, but the whole Roseborough Travel Family joined in. We had over 50 friends, family, and clients who joined the Annual Thanksgiving Cruise, many of whom also had their families join them on this cruise. We had cruisers from ages 4 to 94 and everyone in between.

So moral of the story– try a cruise for a family get together or join a group who is cruising for the holidays, you are bound to have a blast!

Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam

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