Explorer Spotlight: Donna Green

By Explorer: Donna Green

Christmas Market River Cruise


What is your favorite part of your most recent trip?

Wow! That is a hard question. I loved Prague, Nuremberg, and so many places, but I would love to return to Salzburg. It was so cold and very icy when you got away from the shopping areas, so we were unable to visit what I wanted to explore. There is so much to see in Salzburg, starting with the salt mines, the fortress, the filming location of The Sound of Music and Mirabell Gardens, and then you have many side tours from there through the Bavarian Alps.


Now that is a reason to return to this area, but to answer the question “my favorite part?” would be Regensburg. We walked everywhere, both on a guided tour and then by ourselves. It is easy to get around there; the people are friendly and helpful, and there is a lot of history to discover. The Christmas Market in Regensburg was the nicest and most interesting with lots of arts and crafts.


What sites did you see while traveling?

The most interesting site for me was visiting the Courthouse and Room 600 where the Nuremburg Trials were held. Besides the history you learn in Room 600, one floor up is a museum with numerous photographs and information on the trials as to who was found guilty and who was acquitted. In this area we also found photographs and some information on the Japanese Trials. In Nuremburg, our tour took us to Hitler’s base of operations and that was amazing to hear and see what had transpired there.


Any interesting facts or history you learned?

We learned that the children in school are taught of the atrocities during Hitler’s regime and how that can never happen again. We saw a memorial to the Jews in Regensburg and some school children were there on a field trip.

What company did you travel/ cruise with?

Through Roseborough Travel we booked with AMA Waterways for the December 2016 Christmas Market River Cruise. We look forward to another river cruise with AMA. They are phenomenal!

How did you find that company handled your vacation/ tours/ hotels?

Roseborough Travel in Deland, Florida, the best agency you can use.

Anything you did not like?

We did not like the COLD, especially the FREEZING cold in Budapest! Yes, we knew it would be cold in December in Europe, but this was the WORST! However, I would like to return to Hungary one day in their spring or summer and really enjoy all they have to offer.


Where is the next place you want to explore?

ICELAND, and I’ll be going there in February 2017.

My Best Travel Memory

We love hearing the best travel memories of our clients… here is a blast from the past (2015) when our #RoseboroughExplorers were asked what their favorite vacation memory was this is what they had to say.


My best 2015 travel memory – it has to be CHINA!  So different, so much history.  An experience I’ll never forget.- Dave Joy


My favorite travel memory of 2015 was a semi-formal dinner party at a wine chateau just outside Bordeaux, France, during my Crystal Cruise in July.  The cruise was appropriately called ‘Epicurean Escapades.’  We had a wine expert and author as our guide.  Our hostess was one of three sisters who own the chateau and vineyards and produce the wine.  We toured the winery and had a tasting; had appetizers on the patio with wine; and had an exceptional five course dinner–with wines, of course.  Woo Hoo!  Sign me up again!

Diane Congdon


What a wonderful time we had cruising to the  Panama Canal and back, this fall Says the older Hermans. The younger Hermans had an amazing time in Alaska this  summer.  We truly appreciate all that you do in making our vacations special
 Looking forward to planning another adventure. Thanks. Debbie & Ron Herman
My Best 2015 travel memory would have to be the trip to China in March. It is so hard to decide which would be the “best” memory on that trip, so I will choose “The Great Wall” and walking the “harder way”! If I ever had the chance (and the money), I would hire a private guide and travel around the country to see as much of the Wall that was possible, especially ending at the sea. Three other traveling companions walked the “harder way” with me and we shared some fun and exciting memories. I’m just sorry we did not have more time there and there was more of the Wall open to explore and wander on.
Thank you, Roseborough Travel for this opportunity. Thank you, Amanda and George, for making this a trip of a lifetime!
Donna Green

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Elite Cruise & Tour Show Countdown Clock | CountingDownTo.com.

Are you a Foodie or Wino? Well do I have a Cruise for you!

Cuisine at Sea

When you go on vacation is one of your biggest concerns the food you will eat while you are there? Do you like to experience new types of foods? Enjoy the local flavors and hit the hot spots with the best meals?

Do you LOVE a good wine? Enjoy visiting wineries and learning about the process of wine-making?  Like exploring food pairings and enjoy where your taste buds bring you when you find that perfect Merlot, crisp Chardonnay, or savory Cabernet.

Whatever your taste may be- if you are a wino or a foodie you will fit right in on an Oceania Cruise. Recently, I went to a lunch and learn seminar to get better acquainted with the cruise line we love so much -Oceania- I came out mesmerized.

On a normal basis we tell our clients about taking the next step into an upper premium cruise like Oceania. This line is perfect for those seeking an escape from their high profile business careers and a way to relax in luxury, style, and comfort.But relax is not the only thing people want to do while on vacation. EXPERIENCE is another thing most want to do or have. How about taking a cooking class with a master chef? Well you can do this on an Oceania Cruise! And the foodie in you can experience love, relaxation, and a great vacation on Oceania too.

Roseborough Travel Celebrates Anniversary!

Most people who have heard of Roseborough Travel know that we are a travel agency in Downtown Deland that has been around for years-forty one years to be exact.

Some people may not know that Roseborough has changed hands in ownership within this time. The Roseborough Family sold their business to their previous employees.

We are celebrating our one year Anniversary in the month of August as new owners of Roseborough Travel Agency. In celebration of our anniversary we will be having spectacular savings throughout the month of August and celebrations within the office.

Join in the fun and celebrate our special anniversary with us!

Roseborough Travel Agency– Where you can travel the world and fulfill your dreams one destination at a time.


White Nights of St. Petersburg

The Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography in St. Petersburg during the White Nights

Thinking of somewhere more exotic to spend your summer vacation? Consider St. Petersburg, Russia! Art buffs and historians will love this city as it is home to the Hermitage, one of the largest and oldest museums in the world.

 Enjoy the White Nights Festival of St. Petersburg while you’re here. As the city is located so far north, enjoy sunlight in the city all day long. During this festival, enjoy Russian ballet and concerts at the Mariinsky Theater and Concert Hall, art displays along the streets, performances at the Palace Square, and be sure to walk along the Neva River at twilight.

St. Petersburg during the White Nights along the Neva River

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Happy Valentines Day

Wishing YOU a happy Valentine’s Day!

Have you thought of a romantic gift for your sweetheart? Try a vacation!

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