Dublin Delight

Dublin Delight

by Bretta Pool

A long weekend in Dublin was my perfect getaway when I lived back home in the UK.

With great fares with Ryannair and Aer Lingus it was so easy to pop across the Irish Sea

to this fun, lively and musical city.

Staying in the vibrant Temple Bar area you fully experience the hip, traditional pubs and

music scene, before long you find yourself singing and dancing along with your new found friends.


Listening to the locals storytelling and you’ll be engrossed while sipping your pint of Guiness!


There are also some amazing day trips you can take from Dublin, but one I would definitely

recommend is to visit the awe-inspiring World Heritage site of up to 40ft stone columns of

the Giant Causeway set on the magnificent seascape of Northern Ireland, and on route dare to cross the Carric-a-Rede rope bridge and look down 30ft into the chasm below.

If you listen to the legendary story that the Causeway was formed by an Irish Giant named Finn McCool who ripped the earth from the ground after being outwitted by Benandonner, a rival giant, you truly believe it!